Pet Set Tool Kit

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Product Overview

A must-have tool kit for pet owners rescues your pets and home from unwanted hair!

Pet Set includes:

Pet Hair and Lint Brush

  • Self-cleaning swivel brush roller works like magic by removing pet hair, lint and fibers from carpets, upholstery, cars, clothing and more
  • 5" wide for easy maneuvering and fast cleanups
  • No-clog, locking compartment

Vac-N-Groom Pet Tool

  • Removes loose hair while vacuuming it up
  • Adjustable airflow for greater pet comfort
  • 360 degree swivel neck for easier maneuvering
  • Removable bristles for simple cleaning
  • Durable rubber bristles are gentle enough for small cats or dogs, but sturdy enough for deep matting and grooming large, long-haired pets


(No reviews yet) Write a Review